Christine Cablk
PictureGnome Photography
Healdsburg, California

Thank you for visitng and taking a peek at my photographs. Photography gives eah one of us, on either side of the camera, an opportunity to celebrate color, to celebrate light, to celebrate TODAY!!

Here you will find some of my favorite places, some of my favorite times, some of my favorite things, and always lots of color! Please feel free to leave comments, or to contact me with any questions or remarks!

And, please, while you're here, take a look at the Gallery entitled "My Favorite Art by Others". It's a continuing collection of work by other photographers who also show their art on SmugMug! These are photographs that inspire and teach, if the individual photographers allow it, I've "collected" a copy of their work to show here. I urge you to also view their work in the orignal galleries.

Each one of my photographs is available for sale. Just click in the upper right corner to begin the process...Thank you for your interest and support!